Favorite Piece of Writing

Selecting my favorite piece of writing is like trying to decide what is my favorite song on my iPod; too many to choose from.

So I asked myself, what do I read the most? What is always on my computer? The answer was simple: sports.

I have multiple favorite sports writers such as Matt Maiocco and Tim Kawakami to name a couple. Both of these men have a gift of injecting their voice into their work. Making you feel as though you are actually speaking with them.

Example, Kawakami most recent article, which can be found by clicking here, demonstrates everything a sports writer wants to include in his or her story.

If you are wondering what should be included in a sports story the list goes as follows:

  1. An attention grabbing headline. (check)
  2. A synopsis of what happened.( check)
  3. An analysis of what happened and why its relevant. (check, check and check again!)

Throughout the article Kawakami’s voice flows through the page, smoothly and elegantly, again making it seem as though you are speaking with him.

Having a strong voice is important in any type of writing, but, I feel in sports this skill is exceptionally crucial because sports is a topic that is constantly discussed on a day-to-day basis. Everyone has an opinion about the most recent sporting event and adopting a style that makes fans feel like they to are sports critics not only increases the number of hits you get, but, it also improves your credibility to the reader; keeping them from clicking elsewhere.

It is the type of writing I wish to be able to accomplish.


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